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Sambo (Sombo) Classes in Athens GA

Sambo (Sombo) Classes in Athens GA

Sambo or Sombo or Cambo (its Cyrillic so there is some debate over how to spell it) is a Russian martial art best known for its dynamic takedowns and leglocks. To our knowledge there is not a Sambo school in the Athens GA area. We have had a few enquiries recently over this martial art and nobody would doubt its effectiveness.

In terms of leglocks, we have a few Black Belt BJJ Coaches who specialize in the leg lock game; including coaches Steve Fogle and Ralph Ospina. Our Gi competition team focuses on Judo and wrestling in preparation for tournaments and many of our coaches and competitors have excellent wrestling and judo backgrounds including coaches Rory Singer (UFC Vet), Adam Singer (Coach to two UFC World Champions) Liam O’Shaughnessy (2nd Don Judo BB), Steve Fogle, Alex Smith, and Georgui Kassaev.

We are confident that anyone interested in developing their takedown and leglock skills will be well catered for at our academy.

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