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Girls in Gis - Women's Only Jiu Jitsu Classes at SBG Athens

The Girls in Gis classes are a place for women to practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Athens, GA with other women. This is especially important for women who are newer to martial arts. Starting something new means leaving your comfort zone, which can be a tough thing to do for anyone. When you add in other factors that come with being one of few women in a group of men, it can be even more intimidating! Many women may simply decide not to try it at all, as they feel that the odds are stacked against them from the start! Having a class with other women can help with a lot of that, as it is a place to feel slightly more comfortable with all the new things being introduced!


Some women find that the majority of their partners in co-ed classes are much larger than they are, so the Girls in Gis class gives them a chance to find partners closer to their own size with whom to practice new techniques. Learning new techniques can be difficult and frustrating, and having the extra challenge of trying to get around a huge difference in body size can make it even harder. Having a group of smaller training partners to work with when seeing new things for the first time can be extremely helpful in understanding how positions and moves should look.


Some women may struggle with the necessity of working with male partners, especially at first. Some women have a history of abuse or trauma and working with a male partner can be extremely intimidating. Even women without such factors can be intimidated by working with a strange man for several reasons. Being new and awkward is tough enough but adding in size/strength differences definitely doesn’t help. We have a large number of male members who are great training partners, and who enjoy working with female partners for all the right reasons. However, it takes time for new members to learn with whom they feel comfortable training. Having a class where all the students are women can make it easier to become comfortable with BJJ in Athens. In turn, this hopefully leads women to becoming more comfortable with the idea of working with male partners.


Girls in Gis is a good place for women to ask questions of more experienced members who are also women. Some questions female members have can only be answered by another woman: advice on hair care while training, sports bras, etc, are only a few examples.


There is nothing more empowering than learning to defend yourself physically. Many women find that martial arts gives them confidence and strength, while also teaching them how much they are truly capable of doing. However, jumping into something new can be scary, and many people, especially women, never take that first step. Our Girls in Gis program is designed to give ladies a place to get to know other women on the same journey, while helping more women get comfortable with being uncomfortable!


Call or text us, today, to learn more about how you can begin taking control of your health and self-defense with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Athens, Georgia. This is SBG, you will be okay.

Girls In Gis Schedule And Coaches

We have two Girls in Gis classes on our schedule, which are available to women enrolled in the martial arts program. Women who are newer to the program can attend our all female BJJ class on Saturday mornings at 10AM. Women who are also attending classes in our advanced program have a second class available on Tuesday evenings at 6PM. These classes are available in addition to regular classes in our Adult Martial Arts programs

Our Girls in Gis classes are taught by experienced female coaches (including the only two female Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts in Athens) who have received training in the coaching philosophies of SBG. Our Girls in Gis coaches are passionate about training and coaching and are active members of our gym in various capacities!

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