Micro Monkeys Jiu Jitsu for 3-4 years olds

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Micro Monkeys Jiu Jitsu - BJJ Classes for 3-4 years olds

The Micro Monkeys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class for 3-4 year olds is the perfect place for kids to get an early start on their martial arts journey! Here is where our youngest students begin to learn the fundamental movements and postures of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). These tools build the foundation for self defense, discipline, confidence, and focus, together with a lifelong love of exercise and athletics. Best of all, they have a blast!

Here are some of the benefits that our kids martial arts classes provides our youngest Growing Gorillas:

Physical Skills: In the Micro Monkeys BJJ class for 3-4 year olds, students will learn and practice some important physical movements. They learn practical but important skills such as how to fall down without hitting their head on the ground. The warmups, lessons, and games have them practicing movements that improve balance and coordination while teaching them the building blocks of martial arts.

Social Skills: Along with building a solid foundation for martial arts, the Micro Monkeys also learn valuable social lessons. They get experience being around peers their own age, and they begin to learn how to be part of a team. They learn, among other things, how to wait their turn, how to work with a partner, and how to take direction from a coach. Most importantly, they learn how to respect each other, themselves, and how to work together!

Life Skills Program: Each month we focus on a new Life Skill and talk about them as a group. Examples of Life Skills we have discussed are Kindness, Honesty, and Respect. Students receive a homework sheet each month focusing on the monthly life skill and have the entire month to complete and turn it in. They will be expected to read a short story and answer questions. They also have worksheets where they earn points for tasks associated with the Life Skill. At this age it is flexible, and parents can of course offer as much assistance as needed. Completed Life Skills earn a child a colorful stripe on their belts. The children enjoy the Life Skills discussions in class, and it is a valuable teaching tool that can be helpful to parents as well!

Belts: Micro Monkeys start their journey by earning their first belt! When a new student joins the class, they will get a form with several small tasks that they must complete with their parents and turn in to the coach to receive their white belt. Belt promotions are based on attendance and participation. Students earn stripes to mark their progress through each belt level. Stripes are also earned each month when the Life Skills homework is turned in. The kids love when their turn comes to get a new stripe, and it is a great motivator for them both in class and at home! Best part about earning belts at SBG Athens, NO BELT TESTING FEES, which are often charged by other martial arts academies.

All our kid’s martial arts coaches are homegrown; meaning they have been with Coaches Adam and Coach Rory Singer from when they first tied on their white belts. They have passed multiple background checks and been through hours of instruction on the mat and in the classroom to provide the best experience to our students.

Many of our student’s parents view our coaches as partners in helping mold their kids into amazing young adults. We take that honor very seriously and cherish that partnership. Here at SBG Athens, we also provide opportunities for teaching our youth about giving back and community service. We do this because we realize that martial arts are only part of our mission. Whether it’s organizing road cleanups or collecting food and toys for those in need; we hope to inspire you and your family to be the best you can be both on and off the mats.

Martial arts are a wonderful way for people of all ages to build confidence, learn new skills, and experience personal growth. It’s never too early to get that journey going, and the Micro Monkeys BJJ class for 3-4-year-olds is the very best place to start! We look forward to meeting you and your family when you schedule your child’s free class.

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