Chimpanzee Jiu Jitsu Classes for 7-9 years olds

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Chimpanzee Jiu Jitsu - BJJ Classes for 7-9 years olds

SBG Athens is a well established Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) academy that has been serving Athens, GA since 1999. We have fantastic kids martial arts classes in Athens, GA and our Chimpanzee BJJ Class for ages 7-9 is no exception! We have been coaching youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Athens, GA since 2009 (teaching martial arts and self defense in Athens since 1997 at UGA).  

BJJ is a hands on grappling art. In addition to building an excellent foundation for self defense your child will get a great workout and have lots of fun. We strive to create a balance of learning, working hard, and having a good time. Classes are fast paced, engaging, fun, and challenging.

Our kids martial arts classes not only give your child the tools required to protect themselves but also teaches valuable Life Skills that will pay huge dividends throughout their lives. Learning simple things such as saying yes ma’am and no ma’am, please and thank you, along with respect for others/themselves, will give them an advantage over students in other sports. We hope to help teach your children how to be leaders and role models inside our academy, at school, and in your home.

All our kid’s martial arts coaches are homegrown; meaning they have been with Head Coaches Adam and Coach Rory Singer from when they first tied on their white belts. They have passed multiple background checks and completed hours of instruction on the mat and in the classroom to provide the best experience to our students. They are committed to the safety and development of your child into a capable and respectful athlete.

We partner with you to help your child’s behavior and performance outside of the academy as well. This is evidenced in your child earning new belts. Not only do you, the parent, “sign off” on your child’s behavior, but so must a teacher. We never reward poor behavior at home or school. Our Chimpanzee BJJ Class for ages 7-9 will teach your child about hard work and dedication. Our ranking/belt system is based off time on the mats as well as comprehension of the material. Everything here is earned as we don’t charge any belt testing fees common at many other martial arts facilities. Keeping on the topic of belts; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is different from many other martial arts insofar as a person must be 18 to earn a BJJ Black Belt.

Many of our student’s parents view our coaches as partners in helping mold their kids into amazing young adults. We take that honor very seriously and cherish that partnership. Here at SBG Athens, we also provide opportunities for teaching our youth about giving back and community service. We do this because we realize that martial arts are only part of our mission. Whether it’s organizing road cleanups or collecting food and toys for those in need; we hope to inspire you and your family to be the best you can be both on and off the mats. We look forward to meeting you and your family when you schedule your child’s free class.

One Tribe, One Vibe.

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