Brazilian Jiu Jitsu vs Japanese Jiu Jitsu: Which One Is More Effective for Self-Defense?

If you’re looking for Japanese Jiu Jitsu (JJJ) classes, or any jiu jitsu class for that matter, you’re taking steps in the right direction. But we are here to tell you why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is more effective, and why you should train in BJJ rather than JJJ.

BJJ is an evolution of Japanese Jiu Jitsu and is focused on self-defense; it was originally developed by the Gracie family in Brazil in the early 20th century as a way to improve upon traditional JJJ techniques. BJJ has been proven to be more effective and its techniques led to countless competitors winning MMA competitions in Brazil and later in the United States, such as the UFC.

While the martial arts share some similarities, they each have their own unique set of techniques, strategies, and training styles. The main difference between Brazilian and Japanese Jiu Jitsu is that BJJ focuses on ground fighting and submission grappling, while JJJ focuses on throwing opponents and joint manipulation. Because of this, there is an increased risk of injury in JJJ relative to BJJ, as BJJ is taught in a more controlled manner.

Usually, JJJ is not trained in an alive fashion and the techniques do not hold up against a resisting opponent that is not playing along. This makes JJJ techniques less effective in the real world as you’re not trained for what someone will do in a real-life situation.

If you don’t regularly practice with resisting opponents, you won’t be used to the physical conditions required to pull off the techniques you’ve learned. This means you won’t be able to stress test and fine-tune them for a real fighting situation. Techniques need to be able to hold up under the stress of a fight that will be more intense than any drilling routine.

Incorporating aliveness into training is important, if not necessary for producing an effective martial artist. Alive training involves resisting opponents, which means sparring sessions produce situations of continuous, un-choreographed attacks. This effect cannot be replicated through the practice of rehearsed routines.

Our BJJ classes will not only prepare you for any real-life self-defense situation that you might find yourself in, but they also improve your fitness, confidence and most importantly, they’re fun!

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