Free Women Only Self Defense Seminar

For Women; Taught By Women at SBG Athens, in Athens, GA

"In two and a half hours walk away feeling more conifdent, aware and better prepared to defend yourself than ever before."

Dear Friend, You are invited to attend a FREE live seminar on:
Saturday, 23rd of March from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Register via the form below.

Below is what we covered in our last Free Self Defense for Women Seminar:
  • The WHO, WHAT, WHERE, & HOW of PERSONAL SAFETY. Discover the Most POWERFUL WEAPON you have and learn why society teaches you to IGNORE IT.  
  • Who the BOOGEYMAN really is and if you already KNOW HIM. Learn how PREDATORS pick TARGETS.  
  • Learnt the FOUR rules for ensuring any would-be ASSAILANT skips your home (two of these changes can be made IMMEDIATELY).  
  • Learnt the tricks of a Proper MINDSET (and why NO ALWAYS HAS TO MEAN NO!).
  • Lastly discovering why Traditional SELF-DEFENSE courses FAIL and the FIVE targets no man wants you to know about (two of them will be a surprise).