Free Women Only Self Defense Seminar

For Women; Taught By Women at SBG Athens, in Athens, GA

"In two and a half hours walk away feeling more conifdent, aware and better prepared to defend yourself than ever before."

Dear Friend, You are invited to attend a FREE live seminar on:
Saturday, 23rd of March from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM
We're reached capacity for this event. Please fill out the form below to be added to the waitlist for future events.

Below is what we covered in our last Free Self Defense for Women Seminar:
  • The WHO, WHAT, WHERE, & HOW of PERSONAL SAFETY. Discover the Most POWERFUL WEAPON you have and learn why society teaches you to IGNORE IT.  
  • Who the BOOGEYMAN really is and if you already KNOW HIM. Learn how PREDATORS pick TARGETS.  
  • Learnt the FOUR rules for ensuring any would-be ASSAILANT skips your home (two of these changes can be made IMMEDIATELY).  
  • Learnt the tricks of a Proper MINDSET (and why NO ALWAYS HAS TO MEAN NO!).
  • Lastly discovering why Traditional SELF-DEFENSE courses FAIL and the FIVE targets no man wants you to know about (two of them will be a surprise).