Sambo (Sombo) Classes in Athens GA

Sambo (Sombo) Classes in Athens GA Sambo or Sombo or Cambo (its Cyrillic so there is some debate over how to spell it) is a Russian martial art best known for its dynamic takedowns and leglocks. To our knowledge there is not a Sambo school in the Athens GA area. We have had a few […]

BJJ Drills For Home – Shrimp & Bridge Training

BJJ Drills You Can Do At Home By Yourself Join Coach Luke for a demonstration & tutorial for doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu drills at home by yourself. Luke covers Shrimp & Bridge drills to keep you moving and perfecting your skills while you can’t be on the mat. Give it a try and let us […]

Why I Compete by Rory Singer

My first ever martial arts competitions were a couple karate point fighting tournaments in my early teens and a NJ state TKD championship. I managed to win most (if not all) of them, including the 14th annual NJ state TKD championship (as a green belt). I also wrestled for 4 years in high school but […]