Covid 19 Procedures

Dear SBG Athens Tribe, (updated 4-26-2021) First and foremost, thank you for being the reason we exist today! The dedication you have shown to training and the trust you have shown the coaches here makes SBG Athens truly special. It is a place full of passionate people from all walks of life that constantly work to improve themselves and build up those around them.

We realize that the past two and a half months has been an incredibly trying time on multiple fronts. We appreciate the time you have spent keeping up with your training, encouraging teammates and coaches alike, and demonstrating the positive, determined attitude needed during difficult times. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, and they are the reason that we are in the position we are today. With that being said, we are not yet out of the woods completely, but we are nowable to resume classes in a more limited capacity effective Monday, June 1st.

The purpose of this email is to prepare you for what is to come over the next few weeks as we work our way back to a normal academy schedule. In short, we will operate very differently; but it is our hope that these measures will result in a safer training environment for our students and their families, as well as a return to normalcy as soon as possible.

Our current timeline is as follows:

  • June 1st – Phase 2 – Training resumes in a limited capacity in person
    • Group classes will resume during designated times (see attached schedule)
    • Training will be non-contact and on a modified schedule (see attached schedule)
    • If interested in private training sessions, please call the academy
    • All students attending training must sign Covid-19 Liability Waiver and Release Form before engaging in training of any sort
    • 6 – 10 feet social distancing required
    • Masks are required by all staff interacting with public and other staff members
    • Students are required, to wear masks
    • All staff will be required to undertake a Daily At-Home Self-Symptom Screening protocol before arriving to work
    • Upon arrival to the academy, and before entering the academy, all staff will undergo an additional Daily At-Work Symptom Screening protocol before the start of their shift. This protocol will include the taking of your temperature
    • Specific times for deep cleaning will be set and maintained (including high traffic and/or impact surfaces and items used by staff member, academy members and guests)
    • All parents/guests are required to sign a Covid-19 Liability Waiver and Release Form as well as a Self-Screen Symptom Check as they arrive.
    • All students and guests will undergo a COVID-19 Symptom Screening prior to entering the academy and beginning class
  • Per CDC guidelines we will maintain between six and eight (6-8) sanitizing stations throughout the academy containing FDA approved 80% ethanol spray. Said sanitizing spray will also be available for purchase.
  • The procedure for entering the academy will be filmed and provided via a YouTube video for all coaches, students, parents, and guests

Taking into consideration: best practices, guidance from the CDC, and the safety of the Tribe; we will slowly expand training and contact.

***Phase 3 began June 22nd. Please continue to the bottom of the page.***

Procedures and notes for entering SBG Athens starting June 1st (and until stated otherwise) ***Updated 2-25-21:

Please come 10-15 minutes early, dressed for class, wearing flip flops, and leave all unnecessary items at home or in your car.

***Growing Gorillas classes have transitioned to contact and no longer require parents to attend class with their Micro Monkey and/or Spider Monkey.*** Please see update to mask policy for Growing Gorillas at the bottom of the page.

We ask that parents stay in their cars after dropping off their children. If you need to stay inside you must be able to answer all health questions, wear a mask, have your temperature taken, and abide by all social distancing guidelines.  

  1. Turn in all signed documents (required on first visit only):
    • SBG Athens COVID-19 Waiver and Release Final
    • SBG Athens Student Daily At-Home Self-Symptom Screening Prior to Training
    • SBG Athens Student High Risk with COVID-19 Questionnaire Form
    • SBG Athens Student Returning to the Gym Questionnaire and Acknowledgement Form
  2. Temperature is taken and health assessment questions asked/health confirmed
    • If less than 100.4o you will be allowed to enter the academy
    • Your hands will be sanitized
  3. Make your way inside and please be mindful of unnecessarily touching anything on your way to the mats
  4. Leave your bag and flip flops in an available cubby
  5. Walk into the foot wash station and find an available marked location on the main mat (starting from the center and moving out towards the edge of the mats).
    • If the main mat is filled up, take up a spot at the back of the academy near the bathrooms
    • If the back mat near the bathrooms is filled up, take up a spot on the front mat nearest the front door
  6. After class is over please exit the mats in an orderly fashion to give proper distance to your classmates. Collect your belongings and leave out one of the side doors (whichever is nearest you) of the academy.
  7. Please don’t congregate in the bathrooms.
  8. You may use the showers but please spray them down with the provided cleaner after you are finished.2-2

New Schedule Below.
***Updated 2-25-21***

Please refer to the attached schedule for class times and types. ***We are super excited to have Submission Samurai Competition Team as well as Leadership Team/Sub Sam Breakout Sessions back on the schedule for our Growing Gorillas. ***There are also some changes/additions to the Saturday schedule (for Adults as well as Growing Gorillas) so please have a look.

Please contact one of your coaches (or call the gym) to let them know when you plan on attending your first class and we will do our best to get you included on a QuaranTEAM.

All Martial Arts Classes (adult and youth) are now Contact classes. We will accommodate students without partners the best we can.

Mats and surfaces will be disinfected between all classes.

Two blocks of time have been laid aside for a cleaning of the academy.

You are welcome to use the weight room outside of TFW class hours (and when the academy is open). All safety/distance procedures must be maintained while working out and please wipe down the equipment when you are finished2

* TFW classes are 60 minutes
*All Foundations classes are 60 minutes 
*All MMA/Striking and Adult BJJ classes are 60 minutes
*Kids classes are now either 45 or 60 minutes (depending on age group and class type)
*Tuesday and Thursday is Juniors and Chimps
*Wednesday and Friday is Spider Monkeys and Micro Monkeys
*Monday SS Comp Team at 430PM is only Submission Samurai.
*Breakout Sessions for LT and SS have been added back into the schedule 
*Saturday classes are for Leadership Team (LT) and Submission Samurai (SS) only

*Foundations students may attend two Foundations classes per week plus Open Mat on Saturday.

*Immersions students may attend all Foundations classes plus Open Mat on Saturday.

*Saturday Open Mat is Open to all martial arts students and requires a Gi (Foundations students may come to this even if they attended two classes during the week). Warrior Athlete students may attend Open Mat in No-Gi attire


I want to first thank all of you for helping us keep everyone safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. The measures we have put in place appear to be working and have even been applauded by the same infectious disease doctors working with the UGA football team. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean we can let our guards down.

As the Fall and Winter months approach, we will also have to contend with more common colds and the flu. It is because of this that we are requesting Growing Gorillas of all ages wear a face covering of some kind to class. We understand that getting some of the littlest Micro Monkeys to wear a mask may be difficult. We just ask that parents do their best to keep students and coaches safe. We feel that all Spider Monkeys and older should be capable of wearing a mask to class.

Additionally, as the colder months approach please keep your child out of the academy if they are experiencing cold/flu-like symptoms of any kind. Now is not the time to let our guard down. Together, our vigilance can prevent an outbreak of Covid, flu, and/or strep. The inconvenience of wearing a mask does not outweigh the possible benefits of doing so and keeping the academy open and thriving. Let’s keep everyone healthy and training and benefiting from the best martial arts and youth enrichment program on planet Earth. One Tribe, One Vibe!

Coach Rory

PS. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. I or Coach Lucas are always available to address any of your concerns.