BJJ Drills For Home – Shrimp & Bridge Training

BJJ Drills You Can Do At Home By Yourself Join Coach Luke for a demonstration & tutorial for doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu drills at home by yourself. Luke covers Shrimp & Bridge drills to keep you moving and perfecting your skills while you can’t be on the mat. Give it a try and let us […]

Boxing Classes In Athens GA

Boxing Classes In Athens, Georgia When it comes to stand up fighting and “throwing hands”, boxing classes in Athens, GA is by far one of the best martial arts on planet Earth. Champions like Mike Tyson, Vasiliy Lomachenko, Floyd Mayweather, Muhammed Ali, and Tyson Fury are devastating punchers sure to knock out most any human […]

Krav Maga Classes In Athens GA

When it comes to self-defense, one of the biggest crazes today is Krav Maga classes in Athens, Ga. Taught to Israeli Special Forces (allegedly) and people the world over, Krav Maga has steadily gained popularity as the go to martial art for self-defense because of its no rules style and “anything goes” mystique. Who wouldn’t […]